Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The 7 Hebrew words for Trust

Ok just one more vocabulary post i promise, well at  least for a while. So as we continue to look at words we should know, I would like to focus on just one. Trust. In the OT the writers used seven different words that all mean trust, but each one has a different nuance of the word. Whae we look at them all together we see the big picture, a word with a broad scope.  Now for the cool part. All seven of these words came over to the NT ( through the greek translation of the OT, calle dthe septuagint) in one word (pistis 4102). This one word " Faith " literally carries the definition of all seven of the hebrew words for trust. So when we put our faith in Him we trusting Him in all seven facets of the word. So lets take a quick look at these incredible words, used by the OT writers.   (Hasah 2620) a verb meaning to seek, to take refuge, like the shade of a tree. It is used particurly of the Lord. He is our shield providing refuge.    (batah 982) confidence, itnexpresses the feeling of security that is felt when one can rely on someone else.     (aman 539) to build up, to nurture, primarily providing security, like a baby in the arms of a parent.    (mibtah 4009)  to trust , to be confident, it refers to the person of thing in which one puts their trust.    (yahal 3176) to wait with hope.    ( hul 2342) to whirl, to shake, to writhe, it it used to describe an anxious waiting, to describe labor pains, it also implies God's creative work.    (mahseh 4268)  a NOUN designating refuge or shelter, it indicates the place of safty and protection.    So there it is my friends, when we truely put our faith (trust) in the Lord Jesus Christ, we are seeking shelter in Him. We are confident in that shelter. We know He will build us up. We are certain that He will do it. We wait with hope ( expectation), sometimes groan like we're in labor as we wait for Him to create new things in our lives. And we know that He is the source of that trust!!  What an awesome God!


  1. In a biblical Book of Confidence it uses the word confidence I place of trust in scripture. As sampling quotes & replacing that one word.
    What do u think?

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  3. Above: should read ...uses the word confidence in place of trust, I the scripture....